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TOLL FREE: 1-866-610-4447 

LOCAL: 647-361-5189


Better Days Studio Community Membership is an open

door of access to events, programming and projects promoting creative studio cultural productions. 

Join us for economically accessible child/youth/adult digital technology training/workshops, mentorship & studio bookings.  

Tell us your budget and we'll work within it.


Better Days Studio is a Toronto-based multi-use facility with a NETWORK of Professional Registered Members. 

Network benefits include having your name and bio added to our showcase (under construction) studio talent roster/directory--as well as preserved reserved bookings. 

From podcasting, to singing, songwriting as well as recording, producing and sound engineering we want our media-entrepreneurs to access the studio to try and crank out hits. 

Take advantage of this incredible 70% discount on professional membership for ongoing studio access. 

Call to sign up: 647-361-5189 or 1-866-610-4447

As WE NETWORK we root for each other and do everything we can to set each other up for successful.


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A Customized Intensive for 

Content Creators: Learn As You Go 

Weekly Enrolment by $ 200 Donation 

#LaunchYourShow with TV & Video Production Training to Host Your Show at Better Days Studios or to Learn 

the Skills To Record on Location in the Field

Better Days Studio

Podcasts/TV/Video Production

Is it time to join the adult table and launch your own on-air TV show? Yes? Then Let's Get Rolling!

Your Instructor: Dyonne Lewis

CRTC certification is the beginning of your journey to secure distribution on Canadian Network Television.

Dyonne will help you to create "Versioning Teaser Clips" to promote your show across multiple social media platforms.

From Televangelism to faith-based broadcast coverage of "Human Interest" stories domestically and internationally, thousands of hours presenting, directing, producing and editing for television 

affords Dyonne an expert vantage point from which to instruct and support media entrepreneurs. 

Since the year 2000 she's been encouraging people to stir up their creative gifts in Communication Arts generally and TV and radio broadcasting specifically. 

Dyonne is here to help you to leverage the power of Digital Technologies at Better Days Studios to launch your show, amplify your voice, and uplift local and global communities.

#LaunchYourShow is a course to help you create a holistic TV season of 13 episodes--as an original media asset for monetizing your passion and expertise, as well as fulfilling a demand for quality content creation. This course is for you if you want to educate, inform, entertain, inspire and/or transform lives.

Welcome to #LaunchYourShow

Complete your getting started questionnaire.

Production management to strategize workflow, minimize costs--support talent

Professional broadcast HD and 4K Technology usage for best production

Audio track digital mixing board for selecting best audio source easily

Multi-view video monitors make live-to-tape productions a breeze

Produce from a well-written script-- budgeted for time, with advanced planning

Editing which integrates graphics, slides, titles and music adds multimedia flare

Liberty Media Productions Canada Inc.

Question & Answer

Can I produce just a single episode at Better Days Studio?

Better Days Studio produces various types of series from the documentary series to the podcast series, and has a mandate to schedule its limited production time slots for ongoing dedicated series of 13 episodes or more.

Q. Why do I have to provide my own SD Cards?

A. You have to provide your own SD Cards for equipment recordings because if you own the Master Rights to your content, you should retain the master recording files. The production company will make a copy for promotional purposes. 

As a community arts facility Better Days Studio provides financial undergirding for in-house video projects in association with Liberty Media Productions Canada Inc. and Phil Lewis WE Network. 

Q. What's the budget?

A. The budget represents a complete turn key charitable rate donation solution with the TV Production studio rental facility starting at $100 per hour--and the donation is accepted as an online pay-it-forward human resource honorarium for the professional production services rendered by Liberty Media Productions Canada Inc. 

Q. What is the "in-studio" workflow, also known as the production process?

A. Once you've booked a two hour TV Production session to produce a single episode comfortably in two hours, the managing producer will enlist your volunteer support team (gather a minimum of two trusted compatriots to help out) in the set-up, stage direction, and

shadow editing of the show.  The completed program will be saved on an SD card supplied by you, in addition, a digital file of your live-to-tape episode will be sent by email for you to download from Google drive.

Q. Once I have the master recording of my show, what do I do next?

Next you upload the video file to YouTube.

Q. How do I grow my audience and subscribers on YouTube?

A. Spend at least $5.00 daily on the marketing of your YouTube channel to increase the number of views, and grow your subscribers.

Q. What about if I want to "Livestream" on  platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, etc.?

A. If you choose to Livestream, may we recommend pre-recording your show then streaming the recording live.

Q. What if I know nothing about TV or Video Production?

A. Team work makes the dream work. The managing producer is a media professional who maintains, and retains an executive producer leadership role of the video production facility at Better Days Studio...

Having creatively selected set pieces to switch out for various production set-ups, the custom styling of your show includes lighting and sound design, from a boom mic, to hand held, wireless Lavalier mic, and an over-the-ear mic for crisp sound production.  

Dyonne will guide you each step from the concept of your show in the development stages, to advancing your script, working on compiling stock or original footage for show intro, music rights, bumpers, and training your volunteer personnel by introducing them to the video studio digital technologies. 

Rest assured, Dyonne is adept at wrangling the recording of the master footage from  SlingStudio, selecting voice edits, and other editorial considerations, to employing pre-production graphic software for video wall digital effects, computer graphics, and b-roll, including other special effects, through post production picture in, audio level adjustments, colour continuity across cameras, and broadcast safe video export, to finally package the show for delivery as a digital file.

Q. Where do I start?

A. Start with an actionable idea, then write out a brief treatment (this is a short summary of the show concept which would appear in an Online TV Guide). Follow the treatment up and with a couple scripts of your show. The first script is a "production script" which is time formatted for cast and crew. The second script is the actual written script which can be prepared for the teleprompter.

Q. Will you provide me with an example of a treatment and  TV Script?

A. Yes. You will receive as a BONUS,  The Dyonne Lewis Show production script created by former VisionTV managing producer, Dominic Sciullo. 

You will also receive a copy of one of the original season's script's written by Dyonne Lewis.

Q. How long is a half hour show?

A. An half hour TV show is 28 Minutes and thirty seconds (with or without commercial breaks) or 22 minutes without commercials.

Q. Can I sit in on a live production of a show?

A. Absolutely.  You can also be a guest on Better Days Canada, a show about content creators launching shows at Better Days Studios.

Q. Can I monetize my show produced at Better Days Studios?

A. Certainly, that's the point. Off the bat, Dyonne secured $6,000 dollars with no media kit, video clip or actual script, by turning Phil Lewis WE Network donors into supporters of the faith-based talk show broadcast.  

The local business community not only bought the idea, they bought TV commercial air-time within the half-hour program.  The Dyonne Lewis Show had no audience and no social media presence when it launched in 2013. 

Secure your own show sponsors and advertisers. Commission ad spots of various lengths from Fiverr Gig Sellers.  Run the sponsored message in your show, as a value-added marketing campaign--these commercial spots can be inserted into your show at the end of a 13 week production run. Upload the commercial-free version on YouTube and place the commercially sponsored version on Vimeo.

Course Curriculum


Stay On Track with the #LaunchYourShow Checklist

Join the Better Days Studio Membership.*
Make a $200 Donation toward the in Person Workshop*
Submit the First Draft of Your Working Script*
Complete Your Getting Started Questionnaire.*
Schedule Production Date(s) Send Screen Shot(s)*
Schedule Your Guest Interview (Orientation)*
Download #LaunchYourShow Roadmap Workbook*
Received BONUS Production Scripts by EMAIL*
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You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.​ 







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